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Scratch (2013)

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Short film
Director: Danielle Boesenberg
Writer: Rachael Turk
Producers: Sam Meikle, Rachael Turk
Executive Producer: Sam Worthington
DOP: Michael Steel
Actors: Claudia Karvan, Damian de Montemas, James Carter

As life threatening allergies throw his family into crisis, 13-year-old Henry must make a heart-wrenching decision.

“James Carter gives an empathetic performance as a 13-year-old boy whose two-year-old half-brother is dangerously allergic to his cat in this keenly observed domestic dynamic.”
The Age

• 2013 St Kilda Film Festival (Opening Night)
• 2013 Festival du Cinéma des Antipodes, St Tropez (France)
• 2013 Heart of Gold Film Festival
• 2013 Best Shorts Film Festival (US)
• 2014 Flickerfest
• 2014 Green Bay Film Festival (US)
• 2014 WOW Film Festival (Opening Night)
• 2014 Byron Bay Film Festival
• 2014 Cinema des Antipodes section of Cannes Cinephiles (Cannes Film Festival)!

• Award of Merit, Best Shorts Film Festival (California, US)

See the film here.
Password: howiemeowie

271-Scratch-25 August_V1_300DPI

Schmidt clip (2011)

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Twin Sin Cities

Music clip for Berlin artist Schmidt
Directed by Rachael Turk
Writers: Rachael Turk, Ruby Boukabou
Producers: Rachael Turk, Ruby Boukabou
Music © Warners

[created for Interfilm and]

What happens when you dive into the sea at Bondi Beach and wake up in a bathtub in Paris? An international striptease of sorts, this clip reflects a generation for whom nationality is fluid.

See the clip here.

Jailbirds (2010)

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Short film/animation
Writer/Director: Rachael Turk
Animator: Isobel Knowles
Producer: Diana Ward
DOP: Judd Overton
Actors: Yael Stone, Eamon Farren, Ben Owens

[development finance from Screen Australia]

Watch the film here.

All is not what it seems when Lucy and Dane conspire a breakout from their mythical island cell. Alternating between 16mm film, digital and 2D animation, Jailbirds is a figurative tale about hope, imagination and the human need for togetherness.

After a Valentine’s Day shoot, it was post-produced at EFILM.

pics by Alina Gozin’a and Pinky Grusovin

• 2010 ACS Award (Bronze) from the Australian Cinematographers Society

• 2012 POW Fest – Portland, Oregon
• 2011 St Kilda Film Festival
• 2011 Dungog Film Festival
and selected for the Tropfest iPhone app

Three Moons (w.t.) (in dev.)

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Feature Film script

Writer/Creators: Rachael Turk, Jasmin Forbes-Watson,
Sebastian Goldspink, Stephen Jenner
Producer: John Edwards

[in development with John Edwards / Southern Star]
three moons

The Dreaming (treatment)

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(feature film adaptation)

I have recently completed a feature treatment at the request of TokyoPop U.S. for a series of books by Australian manga artist Queenie Chan. My aim was to give the thriller/horror genre a brooding, female twist along the lines of The Virgin Suicides, Twilight, The Orphanage and Australian classic Picnic at Hanging Rock. And – by using the webcam device – a distinct teen audience hook.


Growl (w.t.) (in dev.)

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TV series
Writer/Creators: Rachael Turk, Jasmin Forbes-Watson, Sebastian Goldspink, Stephen Jenner
Producer: John Edwards

[developed by John Edwards / Southern Star and the ABC]

Feeling_Lonely? (2007)

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Short film
Writer: Rachael Turk
Director: Rachael Turk
Producers: Melissa Beauford, Rachael Turk

Feeling_Lonely? Angus Sampson

Rob is “the man who has everything” (and everyone). But when 45-y-o ‘Mother Manchester’ catches his eye online, he gets more action than he bargained for. In an age of ritualised surveillance, where familiarity is often confused for intimacy, Feeling_Lonely? is about watching and being watched.

My lighting brief to DOP Bonnie Elliott was to create a “fishbowl existence” – lots of U/V light and so on. She then chose the F900 to give the images a clean, almost clinical feel. Casting comic actor Angus Sampson against type paid off big time – his presence is palpable in this dramatic role.


  • ‘Best Short Drama’ WOW Film Festival
  • Finalist Manhattan Short Film Festival
  • ACS (Australian Cinematographers Society) Bronze

  • LA Shorts Fest
  • Sydney International Film Festival
  • Brisbane International Film Festival
  • WOW Film Festival
  • Rome International Film Festival
  • Manhattan Short Film Festival
  • Click here to watch the film.

    [produced with assistance from the former Australian Film Commission]

    Smile For Me (2006)

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    Short film
    Writer: Rachael Turk
    Director: Anna Fraser
    Producer: Karinn Cheung

    It’s Saturday night in a beachside suburb. Michelle and Simone navigate another night of parties, boredom and surf culture. When morning comes everything – and nothing – has changed.

    This story comes from the underbelly of my teenage years on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. We often think of surf culture as bright and sunny and filled with wholesome salt air – this film shows the flipside. It’s about both the need for acknowledgment and the desire for a life outside the Warriewood Square. Stars Jessica Tovey.

    Smile For Me production still


  • AWGIE (Australian Writers Guild) for ‘Best Short Script’
  • ACS (Australian Cinematographers Society) Bronze

  • Australian Short Film Today (New York, Washington)
  • [funded by the NSW Film and Television Office Young Filmmakers Fund]