Scratch (2013)

Short film
Director: Danielle Boesenberg
Writer: Rachael Turk
Producers: Sam Meikle, Rachael Turk
Executive Producer: Sam Worthington
DOP: Michael Steel
Actors: Claudia Karvan, Damian de Montemas, James Carter

As life threatening allergies throw his family into crisis, 13-year-old Henry must make a heart-wrenching decision.

“James Carter gives an empathetic performance as a 13-year-old boy whose two-year-old half-brother is dangerously allergic to his cat in this keenly observed domestic dynamic.”
The Age

• 2013 St Kilda Film Festival (Opening Night)
• 2013 Festival du Cinéma des Antipodes, St Tropez (France)
• 2013 Heart of Gold Film Festival
• 2013 Best Shorts Film Festival (US)
• 2014 Flickerfest
• 2014 Green Bay Film Festival (US)
• 2014 WOW Film Festival (Opening Night)
• 2014 Byron Bay Film Festival
• 2014 Cinema des Antipodes section of Cannes Cinephiles (Cannes Film Festival)!

• Award of Merit, Best Shorts Film Festival (California, US)

See the film here.
Password: howiemeowie

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