Anode rays

Anode Festival
Fools Gold ‘Surprise Hotel’
Director: Matthew Lessner
Producers: Brian Davila and Tim Clark
until December 5

Surprise Hotel 2

Ah, for the days before liposuction. When it was still okay to have girls in high cut bikinis playing sax, and kissing monitor lizards on the edge of swimming pools, while dirty old men walk around in T-shirts.

The ’80s are definitely back, with ‘Surprise Hotel’, the latest clip from LA band Fool’s Gold.

The video is inspired, says US director Matthew Lessner, by “those innocent days of summer, just being proud and strong and free and soakin’ up the rays.” A perfect backdrop for the band’s unique blend of Moroccan beats, African jive and ’80s pop.

Director Lessner’s films have won awards at numerous film festivals worldwide, including Sundance, SXSW and Clermont-Ferrand. His work has been featured on Wholphin, Canal +, PBS, iTunes and MTV.

The clip will screen in Video From the Borough – six video artists from Brooklyn, NY who feature as part of the Anode arts events in Sydney and Melbourne until December 5.

Check out the video here.
Find more about Anode here.

Surprise Hotel 3
Surprise Hotel 6 6
Surprise Hotel 4

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