this week at FOMM: Troy Lum

The Business of Ideas
Hopscotch MD Troy Lum

Armed with $1m in new Enterprise funding and business developments from distribution and DVD to Hopscotch Features and a joint venture with Three Drunk Monkeys, Hopscotch Entertainment MD Troy Lum talks about how his company is maximising the current local playing field.

Time: 5-6pm
Date: Today! Friday, October 23
Venue: AFTRS Theatre, Fox Entertainment Quarter

Friday On My Mind is AFTRS‘ weekly event bringing you face to face with the industry’s brightest thinkers.

Free entry. Free 2-hr parking. All welcome.

  1. […] really, really difficult and we churn out about as many of them as you’d expect.” – Troy Lum, Hopscotch […]

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