this week at FOMM: shooting micro-budget

Shooting Micro-budget
The Curious Case of Shifty

In the tradition of Dogme, Warp, Advance Party and our own former IndiVision, we look at the ‘just do it’ culture of micro-budget filmmaking and Curious Film’s boutique distribution arm. In particular, we discuss their distribution strategy for five times BIFA nominated Shifty, the first film to be made by Film London Microwave, a unique 
scheme set up with BBC Films to make features for under £100,000.

Time: 5-6pm
Date: Friday, October 16
Venue: AFTRS Theatre, Fox Entertainment Quarter
* with special advance screening of Shifty

Friday On My Mind is AFTRS‘ weekly event bringing you face to face with the industry’s brightest thinkers.

Free entry. Free 2-hr parking. All welcome.

  1. Jason Archer says:

    Looks great. Pity it’s only on in Sydney.
    But I’ve got to say 100,000 is a micro budget feature?!
    Plenty of filmmaker in Australia would give there right arm for that budget
    Many of us are making feature length films for around $10,000.
    I think “Mens Group” was made for around 13K, and god knows the budget on some of those low low budget horror films…5k if they’re lucky, made with a handycam and hardwork.
    Now Would that be a mini micro budget film?

  2. Rachael says:

    I think that is referred to as the “box of pizza” budget ;)

  1. […] Mia Bays will present the keynote address at 9.30am this Saturday at SPAA Fringe. Curious Film’s Michael Wrenn will talk about the Australian release strategy on Friday, 5-6pm at Friday On My Mind. […]

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