Major broadcasters set to maximise unique platform potential

Filing from the Broadcasting Summit in Sydney this morning…

NBC Universal’s VP of Technology, Standard & Policy, Sheau Ng acknowledged to the summit that, in order to build a platform beyond television, the individual features and capabilities of new platforms needed to be put to good use.

This is a considerable evolution from the launch two years ago of NBC’s “TV360” – advertising packages that encompassed TV, internet and mobile – in which the emphasis was still on distributing the same content across a diverse set of platforms.

“In the future, the specific benefits of each technology will increasingly influence the content itself,” Ng said.

This was mirrored in a later session in which Foxtel’s Executive Director of Sales and Product, Patrick Delaney conceded that mobile hadn’t been perceived by the cable network as snack content in its own right to date but that this will change.

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