Feeling_Lonely? (2007)

Short film
Writer: Rachael Turk
Director: Rachael Turk
Producers: Melissa Beauford, Rachael Turk

Feeling_Lonely? Angus Sampson

Rob is “the man who has everything” (and everyone). But when 45-y-o ‘Mother Manchester’ catches his eye online, he gets more action than he bargained for. In an age of ritualised surveillance, where familiarity is often confused for intimacy, Feeling_Lonely? is about watching and being watched.

My lighting brief to DOP Bonnie Elliott was to create a “fishbowl existence” – lots of U/V light and so on. She then chose the F900 to give the images a clean, almost clinical feel. Casting comic actor Angus Sampson against type paid off big time – his presence is palpable in this dramatic role.


  • ‘Best Short Drama’ WOW Film Festival
  • Finalist Manhattan Short Film Festival
  • ACS (Australian Cinematographers Society) Bronze

  • LA Shorts Fest
  • Sydney International Film Festival
  • Brisbane International Film Festival
  • WOW Film Festival
  • Rome International Film Festival
  • Manhattan Short Film Festival
  • Click here to watch the film.

    [produced with assistance from the former Australian Film Commission]

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